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    Characterized by constant change, activity, or progress

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    Do you know what your visitors are looking for? Deliver what they really want.

  • responsive


    Is your site ready for mobile visitors?

  • accessible


    We can help you ensure your site complies with AODA legislation.

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Do you really have an online presence?

boogiefeverPicture this. A school dance. Self conscious kids line the sides of the gymnasium, staring down at their shoes cell phones. A few brave ones are actually out on the dance floor. Who will be remembered in this scenario? In the same way that just attending the dance isn't quite enough to have people remember you there, JUST having a website isn't enough either. If you want to be noticed and remembered you have to get out on that dance floor.

Your website needs more than a mission statement and contact details. If you want to be found on the internet, you need to have content that the search engines can locate and index. It should be relevant to your organization and should have a "call to action" so you can measure the success of your online marketing.

Your website should be responsive, adapting its' display to be optimized for tablets or smart phones and in the near future, watches and other wearable devices. Perhaps even displaying different information based on the users device.

Your site should be accessible to ensure that those who are challenged with disabilities are able to get the information they need about your organization, whether it relates to products or services offered.

In short, your website needs to be Dynamic. We can help.

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