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Why should I be concerned about mobile?

smartphoneHaving a website is an important part of your organizations marketing strategy. If your website is only geared towards desktop users, you are most certainly missing out on potential site traffic. More and more, people are routinely using mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets to access the internet. They may search and find your website, but if the site is not designed to be friendly to mobile users, ie. if they have to zoom in and out and pan around, then the odds of them staying on your site are greatly diminished. At Web Dynamics we understand how important it is that you get your message across to all site visitors. We employ mobile responsive design strategies to ensure your site visitors experience your site optimized to their device.

The unique thing about mobile visitors is that they're, well - mobile. Why not use that to your advantage? Picture this scenario - you have a brick and mortar location and want to bring traffic to your door. A person using a smart phone finds your website in search results and when they visit the site it shows a map which shows their position in relation to your location and can even provide directions to get there. Your site also lists your phone number which  mobile visitors can tap on to launch a phone call directly to you.

There is no denying that mobile is already huge and will continue to grow. Will your potential customers find you on their mobile device? If they do, will they stay there long enough for you to get your message across? If you're not sure, we would love to help and make sure you reach your audience. After all, if you're doing well then we're doing well.

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