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Optimizing Images

If you maintain a website, you should be… Optimizing Your Images I cannot stress enough the importance of image optimization. First off, when your images are properly sized and compressed your site will load faster, which will amke for a more enjoyable experience for your users. Site load speeds directly affect your quality score, so […]

Working with images

Working with Images Updated for 2020 In the last Tech Talk we looked at sourcing images for your website. We went through quite a few options there so by now you have probably gathered a bunch of photos and you’re wondering what is the best way to get these images up on my site. You […]

Every site needs photography

Every site needs… Photography Updated for 2020 One of the most important aspects of your website is visual appeal. If your site is mostly text, your visitors won’t likely stay around long enough for you to get your message across. Remember the old Sears Wish Book, and how you felt when it showed up. That […]