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3D modelling & rendering

We love photography, but sometimes it’s not feasible to photograph a subject due to a number of varying factors.

Picture this scenario. As a business owner, you have your own line of products and you decide to have them photographed for your online store. You set up your stage, camera. lighting and get everything just right. You shoot all of your products and get them published on your site. Then two months later you add “one” new product. To add that new product to your site and have it’s photograph match the environment and lighting will mean setting up your photography in preecisely the same way you had it before. That might seem like a lot of work for one product.

With 3D modelling, we would simply open the previous file which would have all of the lighting and camera settings saved and then just swap out the new product, and render the new scene.

This sample animation is designed to loop through 5 separate products.